Bespoke Gunmaking

Situated in Elgoibar, 3 miles down the river Deba from Éibar. These towns have been manufacturing guns for more than five centuries. From the barrel and action adjustment to stock oiling and finishing, from CNC machining to manual engraving, all tasks take place in our town. Fitting and testing as well, so we are happy to welcome you for the bespoke gun you deserve.

We have a new catalogue, which you can browse. And we are working in close collaboration with our clients, shaping our guns to their requests. The new models have been developed by our engineers and they are the result of new projects that guarantee their exclusivity. The best steels and best walnut are used, with the skills of our craftsmen, and as chosen by our clients. And finishing and engraving is carried out following our traditions and striving to satisfy the dreams of the discerning shot.


Our side by sides are patterned after the traditional british best guns: sidelock H & H seven pins with assisted opening. All features are bespoke.

The same can be said about our express rifles. The actions, as is the case with the pigeon guns are sturdier.

The new over and unders have been designed from scratch, with the CNC and all thread erosion machinery of the modern industry.

Action, Stock & Barrel

All of the steps are carried out in the traditional ways and are entirely handcrafted. The maker is responsible for the barrels and the action. He takes care of the action forms and initial working, which calls for a long apprenticeship period and plenty of experience.

Engraving & Finishing

The final ensemble should really be carried out by an expert who knows all of the intricacies and details of a luxury shotgun and is capable of assembling all of its parts to provide a perfect  overall performance. In short,  to be able to create a  luxury handcrafted shotgun it is necessary to find a perfect harmony between all components carried out by Arrieta & Arrizabalaga.