Our Team

Our designs are brought to fruition to satisfy the most demanding game and competition shooters. Our customers request that we supply faultless shotguns, for a superb partridge shoot culminating in a magnificent bag. Pairs or sets of more guns. Express rifles for big game on the Savannah or wild boar in a narrow gap between the trees.


To this end, we have assembled a team comprising the most skilled of today’s gun technicians and engravers and we have provided them with the latest CAD-CAM tools, all in Elgoibar on the banks of the river Deba in the Basque Country. We strive to keep alive the finest traditions with a personalised service for our new customers and future friends, who will have the benefit of pieces with the status of works of art which will grow in value over time.

Ricardo de Serdio


Jaime Muñoz-Rojas, María Martín, Miguel de Oriol and Javier Oraa

From Madrid’s office

From left to right:

Inma Fernández Actioner

Patxi Carrasco Finisher

Xeber Arriola CAD-CNC

Javier Oraa Finance

Miguel Oriol Gun Design and Testing

Angel Mazorriaga Master Gunsmith

Julen Ibarlucea Quality Control

Oscar Sánchez Engraver

Antton Osoro CAD-CNC

Iñaki Azcue Engraver