“In 1995 Arrieta built a round-body 28 gauge to my specs 29 inch barrels, six pounds heft, balanced like all my others at exactly 2 7/8 inches forward of the breech face, trigger pulls regulated just so, stocked to my dimensions, everything I asked for.

It has been to South America only once, but, because it has become my favorite upland gun, the 28 has traveled all over the North America, from the Alaskan tundra to the Minnesota woods to the South Dakota prairies, New Brunswick to California, the Brasadera of South Texas to the Georgia piney woods. I reckon it’s approaching fifty thousand cartridges by now, and the sum total of mechanical failures stands at exactly none”.

Michael Mcintosh. Hill City, South Dakota. September 2001 Cited at “Spanish Best”. Revised second edition. Terry Wicland.